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we don't own the knowledge that we receive, it is our responsibility to share it onto others.

Art is what lit the fire of inspiration inside of me.

It exists everywhere, not only in museums, galleries, and magazines. If you look closely and allow yourself to be present, you'll notice that art is everywhere. Your camera is just the mirror that helps you see the hidden details.

Real knowledge from an industry veteran

Direct face-to-face mentorship tailored to your needs

Useful for fresh faces and experienced photographers alike

Mentorship Calls

Wedding Photography 1 on 1


A 2 hour call during which I will share my tips, tricks, and experience gathered by working with over a hundred couples. This collection of knowledge and little know-hows has served me well at both small intimate parties and huge events alike.

Fashion Photography 1 on 1


This 2 hour call is filled to the brim with industry insights from a 10 year veteran. Depending on where you are in your career this can be general knowledge acquired through experience or specific advice to help you take the next leap.


I started transitioning into wedding photography little by little and did a couple of small scale events. But I felt like I still lacked the necessary knowledge and experience to offer this service to my clients. Working with Laura was that final breath of confidence I needed and I couldn't be happier!


I always felt that my editorials were missing something, that I couldn't quite catch that image I had in my head. Laura's mentorship was a godsend and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to take their fashion photography to the next level!